Running tracks are a mainstay for most schools athletic departments. From elementary schools to high schools and colleges, we have installed tracks that not only make a statement about the school but also focus on the athletes health.  What a running track is made out of greatly impacts the potential health of an athlete. 

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Lower Bros. uses Plexitrac with PolyResin Technology for our running track construction.  Plexitrac is a high performance track surfacing system with today’s newest technological advances.  PolyResin Technology was specifically developed to provide the ultimate in performance and enhanced safety for the athlete while training.  Plexitrac uses environmentally friendly water-based resins which meet the rigorous athletic standards set by the IAAF

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Lower Bros has four people on staff, each with more than 30 years of experience, building courts and tracks including our president Linn Lower, Certified Tennis Court Builder as designated by the American Sports Builders Association.

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